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Global warming offers pretext for Chemtrails

August 6, 2009

The problem with global warming isn’t atmospheric warming. The problem is the unpredictable effects of additional heat in the atmosphere.

Heat causes more drying, and worsens droughts. We’ve seen these impacts in Atlanta in recent years, and south Texas today the effect of prolonged drought.

It’s not that we didn’t have droughts in the past. We did have bad ones but not as frequent or as intense. The problem with Global Warming–or global climate change, to be more exact–is that wind patterns change in one area, and have an impact on precipitation downstream. We don’t know what effect slight heating has somewhere else. This is the real crux of changes in climate–they are unpredictable.

Our atmosphere in a closed loop, and hardly a place for tampering. Yet our government is operating dozens of weather modification experiments. Typically, these projects involve trying to seed clouds to produce rain, or controlling precipitation patterns or flows.

I’m sure everyone’s seen the odd streaks of white in the sky, a phenomena called chemtrails. These streaks are very similar to contrails, the streams of vapor left behind jet exhaust.

Chemtrails are the focus of numerous conspiracy theories, which should come as no surprise considering the phenomena became the center of intense interest as a direct result of 9/11.

In the days after the destruction of three World Trade Center buildings, all commercial airline traffic throughout the U.S. was banned. The result: average temperatures throughout the country rose one degree Fahrenheit, not a large difference for any one area, but a noticeable increase whose sole cause appears to be the absence of contrails.

Once commercial air traffic returned, so too did the contrails, and temperatures reverted to their averages.

This environmental impact made it clear that skies emptied of contrails would allow more heat to get through to ground level. Now if temperatures rose without contrails, we could say that temperatures could be kept lower with contrails.

If contrails could be duplicated and expanded in their thickness and coverage, so too could ground temperatures. Artificial cloud cover could have the same impact as contrails, so a rationale for seeding the atmosphere with contrail-like clouds exists.

Since the late 90’s there’s been a lot of coverage in the media about the abundance of contrail-like vapor trails in our skies. The Web community, known for its predilection towards conspiracy, labelled the contrails chemtrails, asserting that the contents of the contrails was in fact a mix of barium (a metal known for its reflective properties), small amounts of blood, and a biological substance know as mycoplasma. (see links below)

The Internet offers a broad range of explanations for why chemtrails exist, including everything from weather modification to impregnating people with disease or resistances to disease. Like all good conspiracy theories, each theory possesses just enough fact to sustain the idea that there’s a government agenda behind chemtrails.

We may not know what the chemtrails’ purpose is, but we know there’s something out there (to borrow the X Files supposition that aliens are here.) Just look for tell-tale wispy signs of chemtrails–they are there. And look at the way they disperse, in powdery lines, without any of the billowing fullness of clouds typically prevailing at the altitude they’re found. They aren’t cirrus, though they look like they want to seem like cirrus clouds, they aren’t as high as cirrus clouds.

See a picture–many are available on the Web here–and an explanation here.

I contacted my Senator on this issue several years back and was forwarded a categorical denial from the Air Force that chemtrails exists, and that chemtrails were uniformly contrails.

Of course the abject denial opens up all kinds of fodder for conspiracy theories, some of which paint some dark purposes and malignant methodologies behind the spraying. Perhaps the Air Force might be better off saying that they’re seeding the atmosphere with barium, to reflect the sun. Then if they were planning something nasty, they’d be able to deny it. Then again, maybe a cover story would force the Air Force to cover its lies, or darker purpose. So it’s a lose-lose: admit that they were doing something would only force more transparency, which would only increase the likelihood that more would be revealed about what was happening in the skies above us.

Germany did admit that their Armed Forces had participated in chemtrails operations as part of a military exercise. They’d apparently seeded a cloud bank to provide cover from radar. The US Air Force has an operation called HAARP which attempts to effect the magnetic fields in the upper atmosphere. I guess the idea is that by altering the polarity of the ionosphere planes can be disguised, weather patterns altered, and navigation systems disrupted–or something like that.

The worst of the theories is that the Air Force is spraying some biochemical down on the population, introducing this substance called mycoplasma to the bloodstream of all the people upon whom chemtrails end up falling. Virtually all North Americans do have mycoplasma in their blood, unlike most Chinese, a nation where no chemtrails are thought to be in use.

This mycoplasma has some of the characteristics of a fungus, and of a virus, but is really more of an intermediary substance, a biological mixing material that could facilitate the delivery of viruses, or antiviruses. Mycoplasma would make a great delivery system for virii, or vaccinations, so naturally the military is looking at both the implications of biodefense and biological weapons and their delivery methodologies.

Rather than rely on my explanations of this process, best to read one of the following (as I’m not a scientist, these links in no way suggest I approved their contents, or can interpret what they’re trying to say!):

What are Mycoplama and How Do They Work
Mycoplasma, The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases
Molecular Terrorism–Mycoplasma
and the particularly blunt Amy Worthington

One article from the Idaho Observer breaks down the composition of chemtrails that fell on an Iowa family:
“…6 bacteria, including anthrax and pneumonia, 9 chemicals including acetylcholine chloride, 26 heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead,mercury, silver, uranium and zinc, 4 molds and fungi, 7 viruses, 2 cancers, 2 vaccines, 2 sedatives.”

Nasty mix, more of a biochemical stew than a delivery system. I’ve heard the idea that chemtrails are simply a method of disposing of medical waste, an alternative to incineration, which one would think would be a lot easier method of disposal. The presence of these clearly harmful elements does jar our most primitive fears of what our government might be doing to us, especially with rumors about Nazi flu and vast clandestine operations.

Yet for our own military to spray something down on us–including even the families of the pilots–just doesn’t hold up. Whatever medical benefit there might be–like inoculating the population from a biochemical attack–might not be harmful to the recipients (unlike squalene in H1N1 vaccines or ethylmercury in vaccinations.) Mycoplasma does meet the criteria for something that would be intrinsically harmless, yet quite malignant when mixed with other biological substances. But to poison our people doesn’t make sense. Or does it, in a sick, twisted way?

Rather than go into the details of each theory about what is in the chemtrail soup, I’d rather stick to the less malignant theory that temperature modification might be the purpose. I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that a secondary purpose exists to the spraying, but I guess we’ll only realize if there’s been a ongoing experiment once it ends.

Curiously, there exists an unnoticed clause in some of the post 9/11 legislation that allows the Secretary of Defense to allow biological testing on US citizens if he feels the research is vital to national security. You may remember how the US military conducted huge covert testing by dropping radioactive particles on various US cities in the Fifties and Sixties, resulting in an untold number of cancers and birth defects.

I guess this testing was deemed necessary to analyze fallout from the use of nuclear weapons. Still, the fact the tests were highly dangerous, and secret, does point at the ruthlessness of military testing–hardly a force for good.

I guess the dropping radioactive particles on unsuspecting Americans fits the general mold of not caring what comes after, a typical behavior for a military that is the largest single consumer of fossil fuels and uses Depleted Uranium in its armaments, a radioactive weapon that cause lingering aftereffects, disrupting the gene pool not so coincidentally in regions with populations considered unfriendly to the US or its ally Israel.

So at least the precedent for harmful testing by our government on our citizens has been established in our near past. Whether or not chemtrails constitute a biological weapons testing program is hard to prove, but then again the government’s claim to not know is really tantamount to knowing something’s bad, then doing nothing to stop its release. Agent Orange is an excellent example of that. Poured out over the rice paddies and tropical forests of Viet Nam, Agent Orange cause major damage to DNA, resulting in grotesquely malformed Vietnamese children being born today (see the highly disturbing photos from Pulitzer-winning photographer David Guttenfelder.)

Then of course there are the veterans like Don Anderson of Lebanon, Portland, whom I met in 2007 at an antiwar rally in D.C. as he suffered from Agent Orange poisoning. If you have different standards for what we do to foreign peoples in their countries, think again when it’s our boys who absorb the same aftereffects. Their suffering is compounded by the persistent absence of any admission that Agent Orange caused their health issues, an issue that veterans like Don Anderson fight for every day, despite their physical handicaps. (Don handed me this article from his hometown paper.)

The presence of squalene in vaccinations for Gulf War I soldiers is another enigma. The military won’t admit that squalene-laced shots caused the elusive Gulf War syndrome that has over 1/2 of Gulf War I veterans on full medical disability. Scarily, the H1N1 vaccinations, scheduled for mass inoculations, possibly forced, contain squalene.

Our government could come clean, and admit to past injustices, but that is not its style. Only time and good forensic testing will be able to prove that chemtrails are the cause of particular ailment, and then the way mycoplasma works might make a direct causal link hard to establish. In the same way handing out blankets to Native Americans was not a crime. Surely if the government knew that blankets contained cholera, the act of giving them out would be a crime. The again ignorance is a convenient defense, one available to no citizens in their defense but commonly used by our government, including for 9/11.

I can’t definitively say what our government knows and what they won’t tell us, but it’s a safe bet that something’s up. And if what they were up to resulted in collateral damage, we’d likely be told after it’s too late to stop it.

I think maintaining a good immune system is vital in fighting off biological contaminants, whatever their source. Rather than blaming government for present day health epidemics, we need to assume full personal responsibility for our health and our diet. That said, many people are sick and can’t avoid negative health effects like those caused by genetic damage or the ravages of disease.

Still, for those who remain healthy enough, much can be done to protect the body and immune system. These include regular exercise, adequate sleep, diets high in organic or homegrown vegetables and low in growth hormones/pesticides/GMOs, copious hydration, and minimizing the use of pharmaceutical products, substituting homeopathic and all natural products instead. Do that and many of the risks–but not all–associated with health problems like flu can be prevented.