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Nuclear Power: Unsafe in any dose

September 7, 2008

I just got my article, “Nuclear Power: Unsafe in any dose” published at

I recommend the article for anyone who’s heard that nuclear power is safe, or could be a viable source of energy. Fact is, supplying and using nuclear power is loaded with serious problems. Its sourcing requires mining uranium, producing nuclear power has led to a number of large leaks, and storing waste is prohibitively expensive.

We need to produce energy safely. Replacing petroleum with a dirtier energy source is an unnecessary trade-off that eliminates the benefit of reducing CO2 emissions. Protecting the environment shouldn’t involve more risk, whether in the form of a radiation leak, mountaintop removal, or piles of radioactive mine waste.

Socially conservative politicians are so eager to package solutions that won’t reduce energy costs but are designed to funnel huge subsidies to friends in the industry. Building nuclear plants is extremely expensive, as is the storage of waste.

We need cost-effective and safe solutions, not ones that come bundled with more risks to the environment and our health. Subsidies will need to be cut to provide viable long-term options.

Don’t let the backers of nuclear power service their friends in the industry by adopting a large-scale plan to build nuclear power plants. This will only increase radioactive waste and contamination. Conservation is a far more effective strategy and could be implemented now at minimal cost.

Appreciate your reading the article; I’m sure it will be worth your time. Hopefully, you’ll be provided with enough ammunition to counter outrageous and unrealistic claims about the benefits of nuclear power.